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Ryobi 750 SERIES

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Introducing the "RYOBI 750 series"

The RYOBI 750 series is a unit construction type B2-size multi-color offset press (tandem type)
which adopts the double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter transfer drum for each printing unit.

The 750 series is built on the superior features of the RYOBI 680 series. The 750 series presses are fast and consistently productive, thanks to a variety of automated devices and functions that reduce the labor involved in controlling printing quality. They offer superior printing quality, and they can provide added value with your printed products. Ryobi can offer RYOBI 750 series in two types (S type, and XL type). XL type is for longer paper size. The RYOBI 750 series presses can be combined with an aqueous or UV coating unit, and an infrared dryer or UV curing unit to create up to 30 variations of 4-color, 5-color, and 6-color presses.

(The winner of "red dot award: product design 2003")

The presses feature the following

The standard RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer allows the plate to be changed easily and accurately with simple push button operation, thereby drastically reducing the make-ready time and improving productivity. There is no need to bend the leading edge or the tail edge of the plate. This automated system allows easy re-use of stored printing plates. In addition, optional RYOBI RP740-425AUTO, high-precision register punch, provides accurate plate punching, further assuring the registration accuracy of the RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer.

Automatic ink roller, blanket and impression cylinder cleaning devices are available. Automatic short-time cleaning greatly decreases the work involved in cleaning and job changes. (Automatic ink roller and impression cleaning devices are options.)

The diagonal registration can be adjusted [adjustment range of Max } 0.2 mm (0.008")] by plate cylinder cocking device while the press is running.

The settings for the number of sheets to be printed, the various presets (the pull side guide preset is standard ; the paper size and impression pressure presets are optional), registration, and ink and water balance can all be controlled centrally from the RYOBI PCS-G printing control system at the delivery side. As soon as the operator enters the paper size and thickness values using the touch panel display, the feeder head, feeder and delivery section guides, and pull side guide are all set to their optimal positions. The impression pressure can also be automatically preset.

The suction tape feeder board simplifies the setting of the brush and runner wheels and shortens the time required for changing paper sizes. The suction belt holds the paper securely and feeds it smoothly to the front lay.

Easy control of ink and water levels

RYOBI PDS/PDS-E printing density control system (option)
The RYOBI PDS printing density control system measures the color bar on the printed sheet using sensors in spectrophotometer. Values needed to correct color densities to match those of the OK sheet are calculated and fed back to the RYOBI PCS-G printing control system which, in turn, makes appropriate adjustments in the opening volume of the ink fountain keys. A simplified version, RYOBI PDS-E, is also available. The PDS-E uses a manual scan densitometer that measures the color bar on the printed sheet.

Ryobi's quality control system makes color adjustment easy

RYOBI Program Inking
The RYOBI program inking automatically supplies ink to the ink rollers to match the image from the very start of printing. After the pre-set number of prints is finished, the ink on the rollers is automatically restored to an even state, allowing the operator to proceed quickly to the next job.

RYOBI Ink Volume Setter, Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF) Image area calculating software (option)

Image area ratio data is calculated by Ink Volume Setter software using the PostScript data created on Macintosh or Windows computers and converted by using the RYOBI PCS-G to preset the ink fountain keys. Plus, with CIP3/CIP4 (PPF)-compatible Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF) software, image area ratio data can be calculated from PPF files. These two solutions that integrate the prepress and press processes allow for quicker and more efficient setup prior to production printing, greatly reducing the burden placed on the operator.

The RYOBI AAC, aqua automatic control system, is a standard feature that enables the automatic dampening supply control onto the plate with the high-precision aqua film sensor.

Ink roller temperature control system (option)
By circulating temperature-controlled water (warm water and cold water) inside the oscillating rollers and fountain rollers, roller temperature is maintained at the optimum level. By minimizing variations in ink roller temperature, consistent print quality can be ensured even during high-speed printing of long runs, and waterless plate can be used.

Able to produce a variety of printed products with superior added value

The printing unit consists of a double-diameter impression cylinder and a double-diameter transfer drum. These cylinders, which have a large curvature, providing stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock.

The RYOBI 750 Series comes in two types: the S type press, which offers a maximum printing area of 750 x 545 mm, and the XL type press with a maximum printing area of 750 x 580 mm. Both presses allow 4-up B4 and 8-up B5 printing, while the XL type also allows 6-up printing on 8.5 x 11" stock for the U.S. market. This gives users a wider range of possibilities to expand their business.

Fifth-and sixth-color printing units can print custom colors and supplemental colors, including gold, silver, florescent and opalescent inks. By using supplemental colors, these units demonstrate their worth in high-end jobs, which require a strong visual effect with greater detail.

An in-line coating unit can apply an aqueous or UV coating on printed materials. Such protective or gloss coatings add higher value to your printing. Thanks to the system's shortened drying time, it can be helpful especially for short-run jobs. An anilox roller delivers a consistent, uniform supply of coating to the surface of printed sheets. It is easy to adjust the spot coating position because the coating position can be adjusted vertically, laterally, or diagonally during printing. When the coating unit is not being used, the entire coating cylinder and anilox roller mechanism can be moved easily upward with the push of a button to prevent marking on the sheet. Then safety guard is automatically inserted between the coating cylinder and the main press unit, making maintenance such as cleaning the coating cylinder and mounting blankets easy and safe during printing, enabling the operator to proceed to the next printing job. Furthermore, an optional coating circulation device with an automatic setup and automatic cleaning function is available as well. This system reduces the make-ready time required for changing the varnish, and starting or finishing of jobs.

An infrared dryer or UV curing unit can be built into the delivery section to shorten drying time for jobs with short turnaround times.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications may slightly differ depending on the country.

The local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the max. printing speed.

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