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Next-Generation Offset Presses Further Boost Profitability

RYOBI introduces a new series of A2-size multi-color offset presses designed for high productivity, consistent quality and higher value added printing. The RYOBI 684 (4-Color), RYOBI 685 (5-Color) and RYOBI 686 (6-Color) are the next generation in mutli-color offset presses-the ideal solution to meeting the demands of an increasingly diverse and sophisticated printing market.

All models come with the RYOBI Semi-Automatic Plate Changer as standard equipment to assure high registration accuracy of plate mounting. Plus, color adjustment, paper size change, and cleaning can be performed automatically (automatic cleaning devices and the paper size preset system are optional), and almost all operations are under centralized control at the delivery section. These features dramatically shorten make-ready time while increasing productivity for small-lot, quick-turnaround jobs.

Plus, a new printing density control system, the RYOBI PDS, is optionally available. Based on spectrophotometry techniques, this system provides precise numerical control of printing parameters, eliminating variations in quality resulting from human intuition and ensuring consistently high print quality with superb accuracy.

The introduction of the RYOBI 684/685/686 marks the birth of future-oriented multi-color offset presses capable of handling a diverse range of demanding applications from four-to five- and six-color printing plus coating.

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