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Ryobi 520 SERIES


The RYOBI 520HXX series builds on the superior features of the RYOBI 520HX series, such as RYOBI AAC (aqua automatic control), and aims for even higher productivity by providing further automation and labor reduction. The newly developed Semi-RPC RYOBI semi-automatic plate changer is included as standard equipment. Together with the optional automatic ink roller/blanket cleaning devices, these automated laborsaving devices help to boost productivity. To effectively reduce time and skill in making color adjustments, these presses feature the RYOBI PCS-H printing control system (optional on the 522HXX) for precision control over the ink and water balance, and can be optionally equipped with the RYOBI PDS/PDS-E for superior color adjusting accuracy.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX (XX is called "double-X") are new line up of the Ryobi landscape A3 wide size press series, which has established an excellent track record in the worldwide market for its high printing quality and productivity. These new models have been developed in response to the strong demand for further increased automation and labor savings from our customers all over the world. The newly developed RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer, plate cylinder cocking device, suction-tape feeder board, dial control ink fountain (only for the RYOBI 522HXX), automatic ink roller blanket cleaning device (option) and upgraded RYOBI PCS-H Printing Control System (standard on the RYOBI 524HXX, 525HXX and 526HXX, and option on the RYOBI 522HXX) have been added in pursuit of an ever higher level of press versatility, productivity while minimizing the need for highly skilled operators.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX with adoption of these saving features achieve shorter make-ready time to meet the increasing demand for high quality small lot color printing.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX have following new features:

RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer : Semi-RPC
Plates can be clamped and tensioned without tools by simple button operation.
Also, it is not necessary to bend the tail edge of the plate beforehand. This function allows plates to be changed easily and accurately even by less-skilled operators, thereby drastically reducing the make-ready time and improving the productivity.

Plate cylinder cocking device
The diagonal registration can be adjusted [adjustment range of Max. 0.15 mm (0.006") for the maximum printing area] by plate cylinder cocking device without sopping the machine.

Suction-tape feeder board
Sheets are securely held by suction tapes with vacuum-holes and conveyed to the front lay. This simplifies the feeder board setting when changing the paper size because the suction-tape feeder board reduce the number of runner wheels and brush wheels needed on the feeder board.

Automatic blanket cleaning device (Option)
Automatic ink roller cleaning device (Option)*
Paper dust accumulated on the blanket can be also effectively removed by using water in the separate tank, in addition to the cleaning solution on the automatic blanket cleaning device. Automatic short-time cleaning greatly decreases work involved in cleaning and allows easy/simple color changes.

Upgraded Printing Control System : RYOBI PCS-H
(Standard on the RYOBI 524HXX, 525HXX and 526HXX, option on the RYOBI 522HXX)
The upgrade Printing Control System (RYOBI PCS-H) combined with the touch-panel display allows the centralized press operations. This system significantly reduces the time and skill required for the ink fountain key adjustment. Operations to control ink and dampening supply volume, the presetting of the ink fountain keys and registration adjustment are done remotely at the operation stand. Printing data can be stored and called up by floppy disk as necessary, shortening the make-ready time prior to actual operation while assuring the same printing quality even for repeat jobs.

RYOBI Program inking function is built-in with the RYOBI PSC-H to automatically supply the optimum amount of ink to the ink rollers to match the image from the very start of printing.

The newly developed RYOBI PDS Printing Density Control System (option) starts by constantly measuring the color bar of printed output using special sensors in a spectrophotometer. Values needed to correct densities to match those of the reference sheet are calculated and provided as feedback to the RYOBI PCS-H which, in turn, makes appropriate adjustments in the openings of the ink fountain keys.

Image area ratio is calculated by the optional RYOBI Ink Volume Setter software using the PostScript data created on Macintosh computers and can be imported into the RYOBI PCS-H Printing Control System to preset the ink fountains. Making effective use of pre-press data can be dramatically reduce the labor involved in adjusting ink fountain keys prior to actual printing.

Dial control ink fountain (Standard on the RYOBI 522HXX)
The dial control ink fountain has the divided blades and control dials corresponding to each blade zone. This device enables the numerical control of the ink fountain key opening volume.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX build on the following superb basic features and functions of the RYOBI 520HX series.
Dual satellite multi-color printing system
The dual satellite multi-color printing system features few gripper changes during printing and can create high registration accuracy.

The RYOBI AAC (Aqua Automatic Control System)
The RYOBI AAC (Aqua Automatic Control System) of the standard equipment relieves the operator of having to adjust the dampening volume. The RYOBI AAC monitor the aqua film thickness on the plate surface using a high-precision "aqua-film sensor". It controls the aqua film thickness by automatically varying the water fountain roller speed to maintain the optimum dampening volume set by the operator.

The RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System
The RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System is equipped. This system assures an uniform dampening supply to the plate surface by gear-driven water form roller and in fully capable of handling the demand of high precision printing such as sharp halftone dots, glossy solids and finely detailed text. This system allows quick startup of printing, minimizing waste sheet.

A Rotary Type Stream Feeder
A rotary type stream feeder ensures stable, smooth paper feed for paper size ranging form 100 x 150mm (3.9 x 5.9") postcard up to a maximum of 520 x 375mm (20.47 x 14.76") and for paper thickness with 0.04-0.4mm (0.0016-0.016") with maximum printing speed of 13,000 sheets per hour. 0.5mm (0.02") stock can be printed when feeding sheets perpendicular to the fiber direction.

A plate Register Remote Control
A plate register remote control provides the ability to quickly manage high-precision image position adjustments. This system allows the operator to make micro vertical and lateral image position adjustment on each unit while checking the printed sheets at the delivery side. Adjustments can be made in increments of 0.01mm (0.0004") within a range of 1mm vertically and 2mm laterally.

Superior inking mechanism
17 ink rollers including 4 different diameter form rollers in each printing unit was decided by a computer simulation and many printing tests. This design ensures superior kneading efficiency and inking characteristics.

Coating Unit and Dryer System
The RYOBI 525HXX is equipped with a coating unit and dryer system allowing aqueous coating and UV coating. An anilox roller delivers a constant, uniform supply of varnish to the surface of the printed sheet, and it can meet the demand of varnishing such as the printing of poster, catalogues and packages.

NP Unit (Numbering and Perforation unit)
NP unit is available for the RYOBI 522HXX and low-pile delivery model of the RYOBI 524HXX as an option.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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