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Ryobi 520 SERIES


"RYOBI PCS" Printing Control System
A Unique System to Reduce Time and Effort in Color Adjustments

The 524HX, 525HX, and 526HX come with the "RYOBI PCS" Printing Control System as standard equipment. This unique system significantly reduces the time and effort of ink fountain key adjustment and registration micro-adjustments. Operations to control ink supply volumes and pre-set ink fountain keys are done remotely. Printing data can be stored and called up as necessary, shortening make-ready time prior to actual operation and assuring printing quality for repeat jobs.

Remote Controlled Ink Fountains (Standard)

Ink fountain blades are divided into 16 zones, with an individual motor for each. The ink supply volume for each zone is digtally controlled from the operation stand. The compact-design ink fountains can be opened and closed simply, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Operation Stand Equipped with Floppy Disk Drive (Standard)

The Ryobi PCS operation stand is equipped with a floppy disk drive. This feature allows the operator to pre-set the ink fountain keys based on a printing data set stored on floppy disk or on data from the optional DEMIA (Device for Measuring Image Area of Plate). In addition, a built-in memory function can prepare the data for the next job during printing, allowing the operator to quickly set up and proceed to the next printing job.

The operator can easily check printed sheets with the adjustable fluorescent light.

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