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Ryobi 520 SERIES


Introducing the "RYOBI 524HE" an affordable offset press
featuring sophisticated functions found on high - end models

The RYOBI 524HE incorporates various high-performance mechanisms backed by RYOBI's long years of experience and achievements in the printing industry. These include the RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer, which allows speedy and accurate plate changing, and the RYOBI PCS-J printing control system and RYOBI Program Inking, which reduce color adjustment labor to realize short make-ready times. The 524HE can be fitted with a wide range of options, including a high-precision register punch and automatic cleaning devices, enabling users to upgrade the press according to their needs.

RYOBI PCS-J Printing Control System

The RYOBI 524HE is equipped with the RYOBI PCS-J printing control system. This system lets operators remotely control subtle ink balance adjustments. The operation panel is equipped with a 5.7 - inch touch - screen LCD, from which the operator can easily control RYOBI Program Inking, save and call up printing data on floppy disks and check the opening volumes of the ink fountain keys. Plus, when the press is equipped with the optional RYOBI PCS-H printing control system, the RYOBI PDS or PDS-E printing density control system can be additionally installed to control printing quality. Using special sensors to measure the color bar on the printed sheet, the PDS and PDS-E calculate the values needed to correct color densities and feed the data back to the PCS-H to control the opening.

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