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Ryobi 520 SERIES


Introducing the Highly Efficient
Ryobi 522HXX Multi-Color Press

The RYOBI 520HXX series builds on the superior features of the RYOBI 520HX series, such as RYOBI AAC (aqua automatic control), and aims for even higher productivity by providing further automation and labor reduction. The newly developed Semi-RPC RYOBI semi-automatic plate changer is included as standard equipment. Together with the optional automatic ink roller/blanket cleaning devices, these automated laborsaving devices help to boost productivity. To effectively reduce time and skill in making color adjustments, these presses feature the RYOBI PCS-H printing control system (optional on the 522HXX) for precision control over the ink and water balance, and can be optionally equipped with the RYOBI PDS/PDS-E for superior color adjusting accuracy.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX (XX is called "double-X") are new line up of the Ryobi landscape A3 wide size press series, which has established an excellent track record in the worldwide market for its high printing quality and productivity. These new models have been developed in response to the strong demand for further increased automation and labor savings from our customers all over the world. The newly developed RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer, plate cylinder cocking device, suction-tape feeder board, dial control ink fountain (only for the RYOBI 522HXX), automatic ink roller blanket cleaning device (option) and upgraded RYOBI PCS-H Printing Control System (standard on the RYOBI 524HXX, 525HXX and 526HXX, and option on the RYOBI 522HXX) have been added in pursuit of an ever higher level of press versatility, productivity while minimizing the need for highly skilled operators.

The RYOBI 522HXX/524HXX/525HXX/526HXX with adoption of these saving features achieve shorter make-ready time to meet the increasing demand for high quality small lot color printing.

Dial control ink fountain (Standard on the RYOBI 522HXX)
The dial control ink fountain has the divided blades and control dials corresponding to each blade zone. This device enables the numerical control of the ink fountain key opening volume.

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