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Ryobi 3404DI


A3 Size Portrait Format 4-Color Offset Press with Built-in Direct Imaging

Introducing the 3404DI - a full-color digital offset printing system jointly developed by RYOBI and Presstek, Inc. U.S.A. The new press incorporates direct imaging technology, in which an infrared laser is used to burn images directly onto the mounted plate, thus enabling computer-to-press handling of digital prepress data. By eliminating intermediate steps such as film output and image exposure onto the plate, the RYOBI 3404DI greatly shortens the total printing process. Now users can achieve even shorter turnaround times and greater labor savings.

The RYOBI 3404DI is equipped with various automated labor-saving devices that are easy to use. These include automatic cleaning devices for the ink rollers, blankets, and impression cylinder, and an auto print system that streamlines the entire printing process, from plate advancing and imaging to printing and cleaning.

Offering flexible, cost-effective performance for short-run jobs, the RYOBI 3404DI paves the way for new opportunities in the short-run color printing business.

Compact Design with Unique Cylinder System

The RYOBI 3404DI uses the proven satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system, which consists of a triple-diameter impression cylinder and a pair of double-diameter plate and blanket cylinders. This system also features a unique twin plate cylinder that accurately positions the plates onto each cylinder. Two imaging heads work to burn the image for each color simultaneously onto the plates. And to ensure precise 4-color printing, the sheet is tightly held on the impression cylinder without a gripper change, and is rotated twice for 4-color printing. Although the RYOBI is 3404DI is a 4-color press, its compact size is about the same as that of a conventional 2-color printing press.

Direct Imaging System

FirePower™ multi-beam lasers, newly developed by Presstek, loosen the silicone layer on the plate surface to directly form screening dots on the mounted plate. You can select 1,270 dpi or 2,540 dpi resolution with up to 200 lines per inch. A high-speed plate cylinder rotation of 18,000 rph allows 4-color imaging in about 5 min. 30 sec. at 2,540 dpi and about 2 min. 30 sec. at 1,270 dpi.

Various Automated, Labor Saving Devices

The RYOBI 3404DI requires no dampening solution thanks to the PEARLdry™ Plates, a roll-type waterless plate. After setting the four rolls in the cylinder gaps (one in each cylinder gap), the auto plate advance mechanism automatically positions the plates onto the cylinders. As new plates are advanced, the used plates are wound up on a take-up shaft. Furthermore, the auto print system carries out the entire printing process--from plate advancing and imaging to printing and blanket cleaning--automatically.

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