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Ryobi 3302HA


Introducing the "RYOBI 3302HA"
RYOBI 3302HA is an A3-size, portrait-format 2-color offset press (automated).

It includes the RYOBI SuperDampener Continuous Dampening System to ensure a stable supply of dampening solution, as well as feature a spring-tension plate clamp system that readily accommodates both metal plates and polyester-based plates output from computer-to-plate systems.

The 3302HA is also equipped with the RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer, which makes changing plates significantly easier.

The RYOBI 3302HA is a family member of the RYOBI 3302 series and incorporates the same Semi-RPC (RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer). A simple operation of a button allows operators to change plates quickly and accurately. It will help printing companies boost productivity by greatly reducing setup time, even for small lot color jobs.

The RYOBI 3302HA was developed on the same base as the world-popular RYOBI 3302M and RYOBI 3302H, a 2-color offset press with a Satellite V-Shaped 5-Cylinder System. It also utilizes the RYOBI SuperDampener continuous dampening system and use with various types of ink and plates, including polyester-based plates. The dampening volume can be fine-adjusted to match the paper stock and press room conditions, thus ensuring high quality printing.

Keeping pace with digital trends, the RYOBI 3302HA employs a spring tension system plate clamp that allows tension to be optimally set for metal plates as well as polyester-based plates, preventing the plate from being stretched.

The RYOBI PCS-F printing control system including an operation stand is offered as an option. It enables remote control of the ink fountain keys, plus data downloads to 3.5" floppies which allows a quick response for repeat orders. And, by combining the optional software, the RYOBI Ink Volume Setter and the RYOBI Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) with the RYOBI PCS-F, the prepress data can be utilized for the press to simplify color adjustment. It not only improves production efficiency but is also easy to use that even semi-skilled operators can handle the color printing jobs with ease.

RYOBI 3302HA features the following.

The RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer allows semi-skilled operators can easily and quickly change printing plates, greatly reducing changeover time and relieving operators of the physical burden. Moreover, thanks to the RYOBI RP520-220F high-precision register punch, plates are set with high precision and images can be quickly and easily positioned without any need for tools.

The Satellite V-Shaped 5-Cylinder System enables 2-color printing without a gripper change. In addition, image positioning is more accurate, so stable printing quality is assured.

The RYOBI SuperDampener Continuous Dampening System maintains a stable aqua film on the plate, ensuring top quality printing of color portrait formats. Using a motor-driven fountain roller, the supply volume can be accurately controlled to match the ink, plate, paper and press room conditions.

Spring tension system straight-edge plate clamp applies just the right amount of tension to both metal and polyester-based plates, thus ensuring flat contact with the plate cylinder and stable positioning accuracy. *Polyester-based plates may stretch during printing due to their physical properties.

Operators can perform all main operations by simply pressing buttons on a delivery side centralized operation panel.

The 16 ink rollers inking system including 3 form rollers allows high quality printing of halftones and solids.

The universal feeder is capable of accommodating a wide variety of printing jobs, ranging from postcards and envelopes to flyers and leaflets.

Paper transfer is monitored for any double sheet or jams by the mechanical and optional electronic sensors. Should trouble occur, operators can quickly notice the source on OK monitors located on both the feeder and delivery sides.

Blanket cleaning devices are available as an option. Once printing is completed, the blankets can be automatically cleaned.

The RYOBI PCS-F is a printing control system with an operation stand that enables remote control of the ink fountain keys as an (option.)

*Local conditions, ink, stock and printing plate types and printing quality required will affect the maximum printing speed.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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